Disc For Atv Or Zero Turn Mower

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Downward Pressue Is The Key.

The Groundhog Max works by using the weight of the ATV and the driver. This achieves direct down pressure on the plow. The plow is setup of an inner 10-9-8 inch notched disc with high speed bearings. This allows you to cut hard ground, grass, and ground clutter with ease.

Easy In, Easy Out.

Once you arrive to your location, simply back the ATV up on a 4-inch ramp, take one tractor pin out, and flip the plow over to the plowing position. Once you have the plow in the correct position you can begin working on creating the perfect food plot.

Work With Almost All ATVs & UTVs.

Included with your GroundHog Max is a hitch upgrade kit. Also, with the kit comes an extendable receiver tube to help strengthen the existing utility hole. This allows you to use the existing utility hole/hitch. This kit works with approximately 90% of the ATVs/UTVs on the market today. The other 10% may require an aftermarket forward braced 2 inch receiver hitch.

The GroundHog Max works on both independent or straight axle setups. It also works on two wheel drive models, but may not be as aggressive. Depending on the ground clearance you need you can adjust the plow in 1 inch increments.