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How long is a “day”?

A “rental day” is 24 hours, in most cases, although a “rental day” can be longer or shorter on weekends or holidays. All metered equipment is limited to 8 hours of usage on the meter for “the day rate”. All metered time over 8 hours will be charged at 1/6 of the daily rate per hour of usage.

What is an “overnight” rental?

An “overnight” rental is a rental period that is designed for the convenient usage of equipment after normal working hours. The equipment may be picked up Monday through Friday after 3pm and returned the next morning no later than 8am. Any possession outside of these hours will be charged at the normal daily rental rate. Overnight rates are limited to 4 hours of operation on metered equipment.

How long is a “rental day” on weekends?

On weekends, we are not open on Sundays. Therefore, equipment for use on Sunday can be picked up Friday between 3 and 5pm or Saturday before 12. Equipment that is picked up Friday after 3 or Saturday before 12 must be returned Monday before 8am for a one day charge. 8 hour running time limit for a one day charge. Meter time over 8 hours will be pro-rated at 1/6 of the daily rate per hour.

How long is a “rental day” on a holiday?

On Motorized equipment
If the holiday falls on Monday, pick up the item on Saturday before 12 noon, return early Tuesday morning. The charge will be a 1 day charge. 8 hour running time limit for a one day charge. Meter time over 8 hours will be pro-rated at 1/6 of the daily rate per hour.

On Non-Motorized equipment
The rate on non-motorized equipment for this time period will be ONE DAY.

A holiday that falls during the week will be charged according to the number of days involved in the holiday period. Call for the rental rate.

Is it possible to reserve equipment for when I need it?

Yes, inquiries may be made by email if you know specifics, such as choice of equipment, pick up date and return date. Also, reservations may be made using the “Reserve Now” tab. Final reservations must be made by telephone.

Do you deliver the equipment or must I pick it up?

Either way. Delivery fees are calculated according to mileage, or you may opt to save the fee and pick up yourself. Trailers are available for rent for any equipment, although you must have a truck of suitable capacity to tow the load.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Forms of payment accepted are cash, major credit cards, or both personal & business checks. A security deposit may apply if you pay with cash or a check. Credit card payment is required for a few items such as boom lifts, scaffolding and stump grinders. Commercial accounts are welcome via credit application.

What types of ID are accepted?

A current U.S. Driver’s License with a picture is required. One other form is needed which can be a credit card, work badge or ID card, SS card, Bank account card, or any other form of ID that verifies your identity. Out-of-town customers are welcome, but 3 forms of ID are required. Our Insurance carrier requires that these verifications be met.

Do you charge if I’m late returning an item?

Yes. We sell TIME. Overtime charges vary with different types of equipment. Call our store for details.

Are there any charges in addition to the rental charges?

Items that are bought are subject to current Sales Tax rules. Items that are rented are subject to a Use Tax, otherwise known as Rental Tax.


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