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We are the place to get your replacement heater parts! This includes Reddy Heater parts, Master Heater Parts, & all brands manufactured by Desa International. Also, we are now repairing Workhorse, Dyna-glo, Dura-heat, & Dyna-Pro.

We carry Master Heater Parts, Reddy Heater parts, and repair of all brands of kerosene, forced air, construction type heaters.

If your heater is broken, but you can handle the repair yourself, click here for our Master heater parts and Reddy heater parts- we ship daily.

Reddy Heater Repair Parts
Master Heater Repair Parts

  • Factory authorized warranty center
  • Replacement heater parts supplied by DESA International
  • Repair to almost all Portable Kerosene Forced-Air Heaters (Master, Reddy, Knipco, Queen Bee, Co-op, Dayton, others)
  • One day turnaround in most cases
  • Experienced technician on-site
  • Repair service limited to Forced Air kerosene and propane construction type heaters
  • Repairs accepted from anywhere. We’ll repair yours and ship it back
  • Credit cards accepted