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July 25, 2018
January 30, 2020
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Loader Arms Radial
Operating Weight 7630 lbs
Rated Operating Capacity @ 35% 1925 lbs
Rated Operating Capacity @ 50% 2750 lbs
Ground Pressure 4.3 psi
Engine Power 67.0 hp
Tipping Load 5500 lbs
Max. Travel Speed 10.6 mph
Height to Bucket Pin 116.5 in.
Dump Height at Bucket Discharge 87.5 in.
Rear Angle of Departure 37 Degrees
Bucket Roll Back at Ground Level 20 Degrees
Ground Clearance 13 in.
Overall Length with Bucket 141.5 in.


Features Diesel 3-cylinder, Turbo Charged, After Cooled Deutz TCD 2.2 T4, Hydraulically Driven Fan, Anti-Freeze Filled Radiator Cooling System, Dual Stage Intake Air Cleaner, Engine Block Heater
Emissions Controls Meets All U.S EPA Tier 4 Final Standards
Engine Power 67.0 hp
Displacement 134.3 in.3
Gross Horsepower 67.0 hp
Torque Peak 184.4 ft-lb


Features Dual Hydraulic Drive Motors, 2 Independent Torsion Axle Suspension
Track Width 15 in.
Length of Track on the Ground 59 in.
Ground Contact Area 1770 in2
Roller Wheels 24 High Density Polyurethane
Front Roller Wheel 14 in.
Mid Roller Wheel 10 in.


Features Pilot Hydraulic Joystick Control, Work Port Relief, Manual Quick Attach
Maximum System Pressure 3300 psi
Flat Faced Couplers 5/8 in.
Auxiliary Pump Low Flow 22.2 gpm
Auxiliary Pump High Flow 27.4 gpm


Features Upgradeable Wiring Harness, Attachment Control Kit
Normal Charge 12V
Battery 800 CCA
Alternator Charging System 120 Amp
Port Outlet (Inside Operators Cab) 1 – 12V


Features ROPS, Suspension Seat w/ 2 in. Seatbelt, Roof Panel, Rear Window, Sound Insulation, Horn, Backup Alarm, Lap Bar
Loader Control Right-hand pilot hydraulic joystick controls loader lift/tilt, with variable control of auxiliary hydraulics
Drive Control Left-hand pilot hydraulic joystick controls machine speed and direction
Multifunctional Display Fuel, Tachometer, Engine Temperature, Hour Meter, Battery, Trip Meter, Hydraulic Temperature, Water Temperature, Multiple Languages
Illumination 2 Forward Facing Lights / 2 Rear Facing Lights


Fuel Tank 23.2 gal
Hydraulic Tank 3.3 gal
Engine Coolant 2.5 gal
Engine Oil (Including Filter) 8.5 quarts


  1. 141.5 in.
  2. 116.5 in.
  3. 81.4 in.
  4. 66 in.
  5. 13 in.


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