Electric Single Terazzo Grinder

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Welded, unitized frame. Single rotating multi-accessory discs with elastomeric-type gimbal heads; twin V-belt and spur gear reduction system; adjustable operator handle and wheel heights; 3 inch diameter vacuum attachment port. Includes safety and dust shield assembly kit.

Type: Lesson, single phase, 115 VAC, 60 Hz
Horse Power: 1-1/2HP (1.1kw)

Structure: Unitized, welded steel plate
Bearings: High capacity, Zerk® type fittings
Drive System: Single V-belt/pully reduction
Multi-Accessory Disc: One each, aluminum, direct mounting
Disc Rotation Speed: 250 RPM
Operator Handle: Adjustable height and foldable

Width: 19 inch (502 mm)
Width (at operator handle): 28-1/2 inch (724 mm)
height (at operator handle extension): 40- 1/2 inch (1029 mm)
Length (handle folded): 28 inch (711 mm)
Length (at operator configuration): 39 inch (991 mm)


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